Civil Law

Steve Simonsen represented a father who had already gotten an Order that granted full custody to his ex-wife and put the father in a position to pay a substantial amount of child support with limited visitation . After Mr. Simonsen took on the case the father was awarded a managing conservatorship of his child and the ex-wife was given supervised visitation.

Family Law

Steve Simonsen represented a defendant on a Murder charge in trial in Montgomery County. After his superb handling of the case the defendant was found guilty on a  reduced charge of Manslaughter and had his sentence reduced from 25 to Life to only having 10 years to serve. 

Criminal Law

Steve Simonsen has over 20 years of experience litigating cases in Montgomery County. He has tried cases ranging from murder to kidnapping to misdemeanor assault. He has also tried drunk driving, child custody and divorce cases and he has ably represented his clients in both Federal and State courts.   

Case Results

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Simonsen Law Office

Steve Simonsen secured a Not True finding in a juvenile case for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Mr. Simonsen's cross-examination of a key witness was the decisive factor in securing the Not True finding for the client and enabling them to continue their life without fear of childhood circumstances becoming a problem later.  

Steve Simonsen was able to deny a debt discharge to an unscrupulous contractor during the proceedings of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. Steve Simonsen's great amount of experience litigating in the bankruptcy courts helped to reduce the monthly payments and properly restructure the debt of the client for the quickest and lowest costing bankruptcy filings possible.

Steve Simonsen successfully negotiated an agreement that allowed a bonding agent to have their license reinstated after revocation by the bail bond board allowing Mr. Simonsen's client to continue proudly serving the community. 

Juvenile Law

Bankruptcy Law